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Cruising Minnie

Phone number: 1-888-728-7640

Cruising Minnie
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Inspired with improvements in health, feeling good in her 40’s and her insatiable drive in learning more about healthy lifestyle, Cruising Minnie could not help but wonder how many people are looking for one that is thriving after cancer, someone to talk to, learn , and get inspiration from towards healing. She is living cancer-free and grateful for the impact that made her the person she is today. Her personal experience and what she does to improve her and family’s wellbeing is shared here. Living healthier is her daily ritual after her own diagnosis.

In October 2013, she experienced unusual pain, the symptom. An ultrasound and CAT scan revealed an unusual mass, the size of a tennis ball in her right retroperitoneal muscle. In March 2014, she went through a two and a half hour laparoscopic surgery at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. The tumor was malignant. Diagnosis suggested a synovial sarcoma. Apparently, a very rare and aggressive type of cancer!

Her surgeon sent her to see and talk to an oncologist for adjuvant chemotherapy and a radiologist for radiation the same day she was told of the pathology result. A PET scan revealed a good result. However, there was strong pressure that chemotherapy and radiation were the only options. She reached out and read about alternative treatments, but there was no support, strong testimony, and no other protocols available apart from herbal chemotherapy that was being done in a residential condo unit in Manila. The information available about conventional treatments and practitioners outdo the integrative treatment options.

Five Rounds of chemo in 2014, one in Manila and four in Canada. From 125, she became 108 pounds by the fourth month. She said that losing all her hair was the most devastating side effect and it happened after the first round. The fifth one created heart problems, nightmares despite of sleeping pills and fever. She had to do injections to increase red blood cells. Braving it and with lots of prayers, she opted out the 6th round.

By sharing her experience, she aims to help keep anyone from getting sick, give hope, and comfort those who are going through cancer and any diseases. To make them see and believe in the amazing ability of the body to heal from honoring it. Sharing the details of how she came out of cancer and living a healthier life comes out naturally. She works towards encouraging everyone to take control of own health! She claims that “As a mother and wife, this is my superpower!”.

“AS YOU EAT OR DRINK IT’S EITHER YOU ARE FEEDING CANCER OR HEALTHY CELLS. You have control over what you eat, drink and making that decision to put Health as top priority.”

Each of us knows someone who is going through cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, overweight, depression, and so on. She believes that her living testimony is useful and can be duplicated-that cancer is not a death sentence but a warning that the body needs some TLC. There are better choices for a healthy body. A toxic-free home, home remedies, practical choices for the family are information that are shared and discussed on a more personal level.

Why Cruising Minnie? The owner has been on board cruise ships since 2001 to present time. She lives on a cruise ship which took her to North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa. Her knowledge and experience in traveling are undoubtedly a good source of information especially via cruise ships that she wants to share.

She embarked on the Legend of the Seas in Southampton, UK, as a crew member. She worked harmoniously with more than 56 nationalities, including her husband. While she gave up her cruise ship career in 2011, she did not give up her ship legs and did more traveling. She embraced the role of a full-time mother and a seaman’s wife.

Now on her 80th country and counting! She has seen interesting, nostalgic places for almost two decades she would love to share. Every country offers a healing destination, and she had the opportunity to experience a few of them.

Travel is a big part of her life; hence, she looks forward to giving suggestions, recommendations, assistance, and directions. What one can do to enhance the experience and what choices are out there. She has been a very strong influence on her family and friends in booking cruise vacations, flights and, land tours. She is also aware that as one travels, exposure to sickness, viruses, stress, and compromised food intake are inevitable. Over the years, she learned how to be equipped, nourished, and protected while traveling.

“When we come out of our comfort zone, we discover ourselves. As we travel, we learn how much there is to explore and feel the urge of seeing more. It is the same feeling when we start to look after our health, we realize how much we need to know that are actually easy, simple, and attainable. As we see and feel the results, we will aim to do more”.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To help and motivate anyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle
  • To explore the miracles of natural, organic, and ancient healing, and to include this on our everyday life
  • To demonstrate basic requirements of wellness and living cancer-free for individuals and families
  • To give information and access to products that work and available
  • To provide more in-depth knowledge of the uses and benefits of a product that is personal and practical
  • To travel the world for healing