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Stay Balanced

Stay Balanced

Let me share this paradox as I see it happens around the globe. I also plead guilty as charged to an extent. In life, we need BALANCE, in which the awareness of what matters most in our life and within our family is key to achieve it. Despite the current problems we are facing, our generation also has positive things going on like environmental awareness, promoting equality, accessibility to opportunities, and much more.

But as one gets older, the humble beginnings and the simplest way of achieving happiness in life start to resurface again. Number 3 in the paradox is so true, and it’s not a one-way street. May our children leave their phones and engage with us in meaningful talk and update us on a more personal level as to what is going on in their lives, even just for 10 minutes in 24 hours.

Moreover, anxiety is becoming a new normal, especially in the younger generation. More and more people go through the commotion and see this as part of growing up to adulthood. Talking to strangers or friends about emotions that require important decisions to consider rather than parents has become easier.

Depression has become more popular and targeting the youth. Both anxiety and depression are also linked to malnutrition, lack of sleep, and imbalance.


  • We live in an age where we see many humans but not enough humanity;
  • The rich have more rooms than children, while the poor have more children than rooms;
  • Smartphones bring us closer to those afar but distance us from those who are near;
  • We open Facebook more than The Holy Book;
  • A single mother can effectively look after her ten children, but her ten children can’t agree as to who will look after their single mother;
  • The rich walk miles to digest food, while the poor walk miles in search of food;
  • Out contact list keeps increasing, but our relationships continue to decline;
  • Our possessions are more, but our appreciation is less;
  • We know how to earn a good living but, somehow, forget how to live a good life;
  • We know the price of everything but not the value of many blessings.

Let us live a more meaningful life each day and aspire for good health, notwithstanding the challenges in our time.

Every time we eat, drink, and breathe, whether we like it or not, we add contaminants, free radicals, and toxic substances, which we also call positive ions.

What do you do to limit or reduce positive ions in your body? Negative ions in food, water, and air can balance positive ions. Find out more about how you can change your life and that of your loved ones.

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