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Life Is Beautiful After Cancer

Here is a brief background of my journey to cancer and healing.

In October 2013, a numbing pain in my inner thigh woke me up from sleep. A nerve was pulsating abnormally. An unusual mass, the size of a tennis ball below my kidney in my right retroperitoneal muscle was found through a CAT scan by a doctor in the Philippines. One doctor said by looking at the images that my tumor was malignant. Shocked by the findings, I assessed my lifestyle. I thought that I was eating right. My eating habit was composed of the following: more vegetables than meat, fruits, green tea, and occasional coffee. Sometimes, I also go to the gym. I was never confined to a hospital before, except when I gave birth. I used to visit my dentist more than any other medical practitioner. There was no pressure on me going to work since I gave up my ship career in 2011. It was unacceptable to have cancer when we were preparing to get pregnant. Having reflected on the possible causes of my condition, I considered the following bad health habits: smoking, occasional wine indulgence, staying up late, getting stressed out so easily, not drinking enough water, and different time zones as a result of traveling.  

When I was working on ships, I only had water after meals or when suffering from excruciating pain from migraines; otherwise, I don’t feel thirsty. I did not believe the doctor’s report so I went to cruise with my husband and looked for a surgeon in Singapore. We did find a good surgeon. However, I was told that the tumor needs to be removed.

While waiting for my surgery day, I went to Chinese Herbal medicine and told the owner I had a tumor. He gave me cordyceps mushroom in capsule form and said that a man from Malaysia had testified to its effectiveness in curing cancer. I took the capsules before and after surgery. A few months later, during chemo treatments, I read an article about a man with synovial sarcoma from Malaysia who took cordyceps and recovered. To these days, I am still wondering if this is the same person.

Moving forward, I underwent my 2 hours and 30 minutes laparoscopic surgery at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore last March 2014 by Dr. Ravi. Pathology. Later on, he diagnosed me with synovial sarcoma. A very rare and aggressive type of cancer. Adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation were prescribed immediately due to the size of the tumor. There was a concern that it may have metastasized to my lungs and bones already. 

Hearing the earth-shattering news, talking to an oncologist and radiologist one after another was an immense occurrence on that day. I was under so much pressure. I later found an Integrative Clinic at Mt. Elizabeth and mentioned this to the doctors, but they discouraged me to proceed. Apparently, there is no proven science on its effectiveness. Days later, I did a PET scan which miraculously showed no cancer cells. My oncologist was very surprised to see it. Despite that, I was still advised to go through chemo and radiation.
It has been a long while since I had a long and sincere prayer. I had no harbored resentment and was only thankful to God for the superb life that I had. Our children were 12 and 11 years old then and were my biggest concern. I quit smoking a few days before my surgery and despite all the tension, I did not crave for one. I was drinking two liters of water every day. All the songs I used to sing at church as a kid came back to memory. My sister and I went home to the Philippines to be with the rest of my family. I had to put a strong personality, and let everyone see that everything was under control. If before, I had little knowledge on what food to eat and what to avoid, now, I started to pay more attention to my meals. Some friends also helped me with my meal plan, and I started eating healthy from then on. I read about alternative treatments and have been inclined to do it. However, the absence of strong testimonies, lack of protocols available, and the absence of decent legal facilities about this type of treatment had me crashing this out from the options. The information available about conventional treatments and practitioners doing the integrative treatment options was scarce.

My first chemo was done in Manila and the succeeding ones in Canada. The fifth round almost killed me with heart problems, nightmares, and fever. With prayers, I bravely opted for the 6th round. Even now while I type this, I can still taste the metal in my mouth and my stomach still churns at the thought of it to the point that I won’t even wish chemotherapy to my worst enemy.

The next protocol was radiation. It was all set to go and my oncologist was to give me my schedule by the next appointment. Before that day, our neighbor, Sharon, said that her husband was diagnosed with skin cancer and prayed hard all throughout. According to Sharon, one night while her husband was sitting down alone, he felt Jesus touch him and told him not to worry about his health. 

That was my prayer that day, too. For God to send me the message not to do radiation. I went to my appointment with my husband and my oncologist met us with close arms that morning. He said to us, “Well, in this hospital, before we give this type of treatment, we do a panel discussion. We studied your case and all five of us agreed that we will not prescribe radiation to you anymore because there are a lot of organs which will be affected.” I cried in joy and went to the Immaculate church to pray, but mostly to thank God for this spiritual intervention.

After the last chemo session, I joined a support group in my hometown in Kelowna called Inspire Health. They provided free yoga classes, acupuncture, anticancer cooking demos, guided meditation, tapping, and the likes. I subscribed to The Truth About Cancer program that was more into ancient, natural, and noninvasive cancer treatment. Read books and articles about integrative treatment, nutrition, and causes of cancer. Contrary to what the conventional doctors said that cancer is a mutation of cells that happens without apparent reason, I was learning that cancer is caused by poor diet, an overload of toxins, dehydration, unhealthy lifestyle, and many other contributors. It was enlightening to learn a simple logic that cancer is not genetic. It is the lifestyle and eating habits of the family that causes the same sickness of another family member. It does make sense, right?

Every month I had to do a CT scan, and everything looked fine. From monthly check-ups, it became every six months. I also had to flush my port-a-cath, which I disliked. In July 2015, I decided to get my port-a-cath removed without my oncologist’s advice. I bid farewell to treatments, check-ups, and cancer. I had no stress anticipating the results of scans and discussions with my doctor. I ate well, went to the gym regularly, lived, and breathed with a promise of self-healing every day.

In November 2015, I was feeling good. My hair has grown back, I was putting on weight, and was energetic. Fighting cancer with proper nutrition and awareness and living in this body that is more beautiful after cancer are my greatest achievements. I was keen to learn, understand, and most importantly put into good use every knowledge I gained, and I plan to keep on doing so. A healthy lifestyle can benefit anyone willing to embrace it. Prevention is the key. Fighting illness and feeling good about your body at whatever age is simple. Consistency and mindfulness are its main ingredients.

Thankfully, we can control what we eat and drink. Deciding to put health as a priority needs a strong conviction. Sometimes, I do things from pure common sense and logic. Surprisingly, I tend to come across this in a bigger and formal scale. I believe that we have a natural instinct or supreme guidance about human health once we open our hearts and mind to it. In fact, there was a cancer patient who wrote about a powerful voice who told him to use dandelion to cure himself. He wrote a very detailed step by step process to prepare it. I even got a copy that was handed to me. It is a fact that most people are dubious in the effectiveness of natural options and laid back to consider processes that take our time. We often hear stories about folks who get very sick after retirement. All their hard-earned money goes to the doctor’s pocket including money from family members. Why do we let this from happening? I dislike it when a doctor tells a patient that he or she is given this much or little time to live. I do believe that as long as we are breathing, there is hope to reverse our health condition. It happened to me but I looked the other way. I only saw one road map, the map to restored health and wellness, and no other.

All of us know someone who suffers from different health conditions. We can fight this by having the basic knowledge, and a clear understanding of how our gentle body responds. We have been living in a world where a medical doctor is the first person we go to when we are sick. Embedded in our culture that doctors know better when it comes to health. Little do we realize that being healthy is a daily task that is done a little bit or more each day. Sickness does not come instantly. It is an indication of toxic overload, imbalance, inflammation, weak immune system, and dehydration. Even cancer is not a death sentence but a warning that our body needs TLC. 

What do you do to ensure that you and your family are protected against any sickness?

These are a few of the things I implement at home:

  1. Drink more quality water. Bring a tall glass of Ionized Alkaline water to bed, and drink when you get up in the morning. Hydrate first before anything.
  2. More servings of vegetables (6-10, include salad, uncooked) and fruits. It must be fresh, preferably locally sourced, pesticide-free, and in various colors.
  3. Change oil. Eliminate Trans/hydrogenated fats. Avoid refined oils (vegetable, corn, soya, margarine). Use coconut oil, grape seed oil, or butter for cooking while flaxseed or olive oil for salad.
  4. Cook at home more regularly.
  5. Replace white with brown: bread (try 100% whole grains, sprouted) and rice.
  6. Add seeds and nuts. Soak beans and lentils for 12 hours in large batches, and freeze it to be ready when needed. Soak seeds before adding to salads and smoothies.
  7. Eat clean animal foods. Consider organic, grass-fed, free-range. Choose wild over farmed. Avoid processed meat and instant foods.
  8. Avoid plastic containers to store food and drink use glass containers instead.
  9. Stop using non-stick Teflon pans, it’s still plastic. Use non-reactive, pure stainless steel and glass cookware
  10. Use a convection oven. No microwave heating and cooking
  11. Prepare herbal teas and herbs in cooking (turmeric, cloves, garlic, rosemary, oregano, star anise, and more).
  12. Make smoothie every day 
  13. Switch off Wi-Fi before going to sleep, or leave phone away from the bedroom
  14. No pharmaceutical drugs for headache, cough, cold, or flu.
  15. Take supplements from reliable sources and detox regimens regularly.
  16. Spend time reading labels on food, toiletries, bath essentials, makeup, and everything that ends up in the bloodstream.
  17. Opt for non-toxic, natural home products and health care. Non-toxic is less expensive.

In early 2019, I was introduced to Platinum Digital Water Ionizer and Filter. This machine has given me a lot of confidence. It has saved me time, energy, and money in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. There is more peace of mind after owning it. I still continue to discover more uses and benefits of it day by day. It is one product that satisfies the basic requirement to avoid sickness including cancer. It is also anti-aging and replenishes energy and beauty.

Let me ask you, does your water remove pesticides in fruits and vegetables? Clean and sanitize your home from toxic? Wash your hair and skin for a healthier look? Make your plants bloom and acts as a natural fertilizer? Remove fish smell from your hands and sink without soap? Improve your sex life?

Platinum Digital Water Ionizer and Filter does all these and more! Choose to drink water that is revitalized and alive. Optimizing one’s health is a lifestyle, ritual, passion, and discipline. For me, taking care of my health is also a responsibility for myself, my family, and my environment. 

If you don’t look after your health, who else will? Ask us today how to own your first step to a healthier and happier you.

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  • Digital Water Ionizer

Digital Water Ionizer

Why Alkaline Water
There is a growing body of research which indicates that ionized alkaline water is the most superior drinking water available. Ionized alkaline water is electronically enhanced water that has been run over positive and negative electrodes and become ionized, which then is separated into alkaline and acidic water.

Many researchers believe that an acidic environment is a haven for disease and that our bodies need to be able to eliminate or buffer these acidic conditions through the electrolysis process, concentrating available alkaline minerals in the source water to aid the buffering systems in the body.

Proponents of ionized alkaline water believe that, through electrolysis, large tap mineral clusters are reduced from their original size and that the smaller cluster sizes achieved through this process foster better cell permeation, giving the water excellent hydrating properties. Alkalinity in drinking water as seen by many as a key component in neutralizing acidity caused by diet, stress, physical activity, toxins and other sources.

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The Beautiful Resorts in Cancun Mexico

  • white beach
  • resort with buildings
  • white beach top view
  • resort


  • 2 Hours away from the hotel
  • 1 of the 7 wonders of the ancient world
  • Ancient pyramid built by the Mayan civilization
  • Symbolize their Mayan Belief & Culture
  • Featured in Mel Gibson movie APOCALYPTO!!!!!
  • CHICHEN-ITZA with people


  • 1 hour away from the hotel
  • Archaeological Park
  • Underground River & Wildlife
  • You can Swim with the dolphins & great for snorkeling
  • Traditional Mexican Show & Play
  • Firework Display
  • Underground River
  • Sky Diving
  • snorkeling


  • 1 Hour away from the hotel
  • The Largest Underwater Aquarium in the World
  • Best for Lagoons Jungle touring
  • Snorkel thru some of the best Coral Reefs
  • Underwater Aquarium
  • Lagoons Jungle touring
  • snorkeling


  • Believed to be the best place for Ghost Hunting!!!
  • Underwater adventure
  • adventure
  • adventure

Included in your Vacation Package

Here are a few of the top things to do on your Cancun vacation:

  • Enjoy local jazz and salsa music
  • Jet ski, snorkel, or windsurf out at sea
  • Explore ancient ruins at Tulum
  • Ride horses or camels on the beach at sunset
  • Bring all of your friends for the party cruise to Isla Mujeres
  • From water sports to premium dining, Cancun has something special for everyone.
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Additional information on Cancun activities

Tours and activities that give a family grand vacation:

You can swim with dolphins, visit the world under the sea with scuba and snorkel tours, or take a chance windsurfing or parasailing. Your children will sure love becoming ancient ruin experts by exploring civilizations at Cancun’s Mayan ruins and Tulum. Also, be sure to check out the family-friendly ATV tours, horseback riding tours or the underwater museum tour. If you’re looking for romantic vacation package, you can spend your days relaxing on.Cancun’s white sand beaches, or explore shopping opportunities at any of the city markets. Golfers will have plenty to keep them busy with beautiful courses like Cancun.Golf Club at Pok Ta Pok and Riviera Cancun. Fall in love with traditional jazz and; take a dance class; spend a full day unwinding at the spa; or hit the dance floor at one of the resort clubs. Cancun is the perfect destination for adults looking to get away.

  • Disneyland with mickey and friends
  • Disneyland with mickey and friends


  • 2 Adults and 2 kids under 12 years old
  • Free breakfast

Hotel Options

  • Calypso Cay Resort
  • South Lake Buenavista

Places to Visit Nearby Hotel


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