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Phone number: 1-888-728-7640

Cruising Minnie

Phone number: 1-888-728-7640

Cruising Minnie

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A Letter to Our Valued Clients

Hi, I am endorsing Platinum Digital Water Ionizer. I live in Kelowna BC and a cancer survivor since 2014. After fighting cancer and embracing a healthier lifestyle, I started to enjoy the result of putting my time, energy, and money to what can improve my health and that of my loved ones. I am a mother, a wife, and health advocate. I learned that there is more value investing on prevention, not on cure. “When you eat or drink, you either feed cancer or your healthy cells”, has become my philosophy.

I learned about Digital Water Ionizer a few years ago. After my first purchase that we use at home, I felt the need to buy a second unit for long travels. It’s hard to drink any other water when you realize how superior drinking water can change your life.

Let me introduce you to Platinum Digital Water Ionizer, which will benefit the health and wellness of your family. It is scientifically proven to remove chemicals, impurities, bacteria, and virus in your drinking water. It revitalizes traced minerals our body needs to function effectively. Ionized alkaline water has proven ability as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and to detoxify within hours of drinking. The water is alive and healing.

Watch my testimonial video for details.

For business owners, you can write off your purchase on your tax. Other uses of ionized water will also cut off your budget on toxic cleaning chemicals, plant fertilizers, pet products, skin and hair care. Owning the machine brings you more confidence in your cooking as food will taste better and give you peace of mind.

You can contact me via email:, FB Page: Wiser After Cancer, or IG account: Minnie Muresu for a zoom conference or video call to show you our products.

Canadian and US residents can take advantage of our six months to pay at zero interest, up to three years installment plan.

Minnie Muresu

Cruising Minnie International
1 778 581 0020 BC Canada

Check our Retail Page to know more about the Platinum Digital Water Ionizer.

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